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Tech IN Religion

“Tech In Religion” is a running series where we look at technology – be it a website, a phone app, or a gadget – that somehow deepens, strengthens, or improves our experience of or connection to our faith (our religious, moral, and/or ethical point of view). These are tech reviews lovingly wrapped in a through-line about faith in general and our experience of faith in particular. The goal is to uncover and promote tech you (our audience) might not have heard about; or describe a use for tech you may know, but didn’t think of using in connection with your religious experiences.

What appears below is a running list of the tech we’ve featured in past episodes:

Episode 1 (<–click this link to listen now):

  • Binaural headphones:
  • Noise-canceling headphones (no specific recommendation)
  • Radical Candor –
  • Daily Study Schedule – Google Calendar (
  • HebCal –
  • MyZmanim –
  • Compass –
  • (612-276-2467)
  • Artscroll Talmud app –

Episode 2 (<–click this link to listen now):

Episode 3

Episode 4