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About The Podcast

Tell me if you’ve heard this joke before…

A Jew, a Mormon, a Muslim, an Athiest, and an Evangelical Christian walk into a DataCenter. Not at the same time, not via the same religious, technical, or educational path, and certainly not having had the same experiences. But they all end up there, and then they start talking. They realize that they all share two fundamental things in common:

  1. They are deeply experienced with, and proud of, their technical “street cred”. They have been there, fixed that, documented it, and gotten the commemorative corporate “thank you” paperweight.
  2. They are equally secure in their religious expression. Not all are “strict” or “observant”; not all have felt the pull of religion their entire life; not all show their faith visibly; But it is an aspect of their lives which frames the work they do.

That’s the basic premise of the “TechnicallyReligious” podcast. In general, you’re going to hear us speak to two basic stories:

  • How our faith frames and colors our roles as I.T. professionals. How and when do those two worlds create friction? How and when do they create success?
  • How our role as technologists frame and color our interactions in our faith-based communities. How do we champion technologies and trends that may, or may not, advance our ecclesiastical and moral goals?

But there’s one other story that we’re here to tell: If you work in I.T. and are happily comfortable with a religiously unencumbered life, you may run into someone like us during in your travels. In openly and thoughtfully discussing our perspectives, we hope to provide ideas on creating positive workplace interactions with people from all walks of life.

We hope you’ll join us.