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Show Notes: Raise Your Glass, part 2

In yesterday’s episode we covered a lot of ground. Here are some links to the websites, stories, or ideas we referenced. And of course, you can listen to the episode here:

Meanwhile, here’s the information from part 1:

Screaming in cloud episode with Oxide-

Yechiel on being a 10x engineer –

Joss Whedon on his writing process –

Josh discussing depression

Tiffany Nels essay “Compare & Despair” –

“An Antidote to Dissatisfaction” –

“The More You Use Facebook, the Worse You Feel” –

Matthew 18 “Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” –

Rabbi Akiva Tatz on “free will” –


Mike’s Recognition Letter

From: Michael
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 3:37 PM
To: (the team)
Subject: Recognition
Team –
The specific behaviours and accomplishments I wish to commend from the last week include (in no order):
Paul – you’ve got a reputation for on-time delivery. I’m not sure there’s anything more important than that. Thanks for again this week delivering on-time, on-budget, and on-target.
Charlie – cube moves, Clarity closeouts, and a lot of very necessary, very detail-oriented work done fast this week. Thanks.
Jeff – high-quality work delivered at a fast pace, and a lot of thoughtful, thought-provoking insights accompanying it this week.
Phil – thank you for hitting the ground running cleanly. I can feel the difference you are going to make already.
Tim – thank you for stepping up; you had faith that letting us know you had a little extra capacity wouldn’t work against you, and you’ve offered to take on some needed work that is making a difference. Thank you for taking suggestions so readily, and I really appreciate your inviting me into the process of seeing how ‘test’ alerts migrate to production (or get stuck). I appreciate your initiative this week, and your willingness to take and immediately apply input. You’ve done well.
Ed – excellent work running down the Nettracker request for a client in very short-order. Oh yes, good work on that BEM thing, too, again this week … 😉
Al – keep asking the hard questions, I’ve got good answers.
Darrel, Jeff, Noah – you’ve figured it out already, we do NOT want ‘yes men’ around here, we welcome active debate, and we’re all made stronger thereby. I think we’re getting better at having the hard conversations quickly, too. That helps a lot. Many times, I’m going to turn back to you to help me develop the answers – please, keep helping me.
Noah, one hour with you this week has paid heavy dividends in my education. Thank you, we will continue these sessions.
Jim S., Laslo, Eric – I’ve had to ask some very difficult questions of you this week, and that’s going to continue. I appreciate the calm with which you meet these challenges, and the fact that you have immediate answers, sound opinions, and facts.
Art – what a quiet, unassuming and terrifically valuable backup we have in you for so many areas. Thanks for last weekend. Thanks for the very early morning. Thanks for the work on the Centauri issues. Thanks for cheerily doing whatever it takes for the team. You’re a role model.
Rob, Frank – not everyone noticed the great work you did so quietly this week, but a couple people did. Frank, good re-use. Rob, good partnering on BEM.
John – continued exceptional turnaround on requests, thank you. Good, thoughtful comments to hard questions. Perspective.
Jim, Stewart – neither of you did anything right this week you’re fired. Just kidding – exceptional performance, thank you for diving into so many different fires this week, and handling them very much on your own in a couple cases. You know which.
Leon – despite the penalty of the extra work you get from me, you’ve been happy for the chance to help the team move ahead rather than feeling buried and imposed upon, happy for the chance to make progress instead of moaning about your time off. Again this week you’ve worked on a vacation day – not ususual, always appreciated.
Leadership team – some of you have indeed starting taking me up on the offer to mention what you see others doing right. Keep it coming, there’s a lot of good to recognize, and if I have to spend more time recognizing good work each week than doing status … well, would that be bad at all? In any way? I can’t think of one. Tell me ‘who’ you ‘catch’ doing ‘what’, right.
Thank you all for outstanding contribution this week. I think this is the first week I’ve called everyone’s name – I don’t set out to do that, and I don’t count at the end to make sure, I just write down what I’ve seen, and I know there is much more good work that I don’t see or hear about as it happens. Remember that we appreciate that good work, too. Have a great weekend.
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