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BlogElul Day 14: Learn

2 full weeks through the month of Elul, here at the half-way point, I think it’s fair to ask ourselves what we’ve learned. What has fourteen days of introspection, soul-searching, and emotional labor gotten us? Are we wiser for our efforts? Do we have a clearer understanding of where we fell short (and let’s not forget to look at the positive side, how we succeeded)?

This community – the podcast, the website, everyone who contributes, and everyone who participates – was founded on the idea that just as there are so many things to learn (both in our technical work and our religious lives), there are as many ways to approach learning,

The wrong kind, at least for the work we’re asked to do in Elul, is the wrote memorization of cold facts. That might help us pass our network certification exam (or catechism test), but it’s not going to help us in our efforts of self-reflection and ultimately self-improvement.

True learning, the kind that sticks with us, the kind we are asked to do this month, is when we look for patterns, and in finding them try to learn. That’s the learning that proceeds true change.

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